About Me

Ivan Petrovic Markovic

That guy above, that’s me, Ivan. And that picture was taken in Berlin, in Sept 2023. That’s not where I am located though. I work remotely, and I use that privilege to travel on occasions. I like to read, and I don’t mean that self-help lifestyle guru bull crap – no, I mean more like the novels from Murakami or sci-fi stories from Ted Chiang or Greg Egan. Philosophy is another field I enjoy voraciously, and when it comes to that, I turn to Indian – anything from Shri Atmananda or Jiddu Krishnamurti will do. Just look at my favorite books here.

For most of my life (I’m only 20-something), I have been dabbling in the logistics industry. More specifically, in the logistics covering land traffic in the United States.

What that entails is the following – calling on potential load offers, negotiating prices, managing inbound/outbound paperwork, keeping customers up to date, handling basic accounting tasks, updating revenue and location spreadsheets, pre-planning routes, and more. I’ve worked with various equipments, in small firms, big firms, in a start-up… I had the opportunity to lead teams, to mentor those who were just starting… Again, I am only 20-something, but I have seen it all. Or most of it, for that matter.

In any case, to the ones familiar with the aforementioned industry, I say – hi. How have you been? How’s the market looking these days? Tough, right? If you have a fleet that needs help, or if you need guidance in the business expansion – hit me up.

To the ones who find what I just described as interesting, or intriguing – today’s your lucky day. Somewhere on this website, you’ll find videos of me talking about the industry, and about my experience in the job. If you’re looking for a way in, you’re at the right place. You can contact me here.